Friday, May 1, 2020

My First Solo Cartoon Exhibition at Indian Cartoon Gallery, IIC, Bangalore.

Hi All,

Posting after a long time, as I shifted my political cartoons into a separate entity Breadcrumbs Toons I have turned this blog into my personal musings. Since I spend most of my time creating political cartoons I do very little of posting here.
Sometime last year I finally thought to myself "I have enough of a collection of my cartoons now, I could select a few and have an exhibition". Encouraged by my wife Priyanka, I approached IIC (Indian Institute of Cartoonists) Bangalore if any slots were available for the same.
For those who are unaware IIC is a body of cartoonists with it's own dedicated cartoon exhibition space in Bangalore and I have been a lifetime member of the same since forever. IIC regularly organises exhibitions of various national and international cartoonists and is host to the prestigious Maya Kamath Memorial Awards.
 I approached IIC sometime in Sept 2019 and was allocated a slot from 8 to 22 Feb 2020. And then I got shortlisting. and boy was it difficult as I could display only about 78 cartoons. To make life simpler I first shortlisted a few cartoons which have won national and international awards. Then I sat again with my wife, selected the ones I wanted and sent them over to IIC.
Shri. V.G. Narendra, a cartoonist himself and dedicated curator of cartoons at IIC ensured that the rest of the arrangements wen smoothly. As a person who has dedicated the past decade or so to ensure that cartoonists have a display space of their own, and ensured the smooth continuity of IIC, I am personally very thankful of Shir. V.G. Narendra.

Based on his feedback (and some by my friend Anand Prahlad) I came up with this invite design. V.G. Narendraji requested Mr.Bharat Mehta (Chairman- Barton & Sons) to be the chief guest and he was kind enough to accept.
(Barton & Sons is a very old established boutique artisanal silverware mega shop. I did not know that they design the medals for Indian Armed Forces)

IIC is a very reputed exhibition space with deep roots and connections. So they ensured that the exhibition got enough coverage to reach all cartoon lovers in and around Bangalore.

Bangalore Mirror 5 Feb 2020.

Prajavani 5 Feb 2020, leading Kannada daily
Andhra Jyothy 4 Feb 2020, leading Telugu daily.

Now all I had to do was show up on time for the exhibition. So I flew to Bangalore and stayed at my sisters. Then took a cab early morning to M.G. Road to the exhibition hall, took some Chitale Bakarwadi along to add to the morning breakfast. Narendra ji had ensured a smooth and cheerful experience of the entire event.

Post the inauguration by the chief guest

I took him along with the audience on a tour of the cartoons, explaining if anything got stuck.

Got a surprise caricature of mine by famed artist Raghupati Sringeri

Talking about the exhibition and IIC Narendra ji did a briefing about the vision and mission of IIC.

I did a brief talk about my love for political cartooning, my journey as an artist and my future ambitions regarding my art.

Bharath ji also said a few words of encouragement regarding my art and cartooning in general.

and post that we had a nice breakfast in the adjoining hall. I was there only for a day but I met some real nice people, esp the Bangalore cartoon crowd with whom I am online friends nowadays.

Some Pics from the exhibition.

With the legendary Shri. Sridhar Comaravalli

With my wife Priyanka who supports my passion.

With my Sister and her family.

With my school friends who have settled in Banglore.

I would love to complete this testimonial by friend and IDC batchmate Mr. Shantanu Jog, vehicle designer at Ather Energy.

Even though I was there for only a day, the exhibition hall felt large warm and welcoming & the experience was uplifting. I would definitely recommend cartoonists to exhibit at Indian Cartoon Gallery and keep up the tradition laid down by Indian greats like Laxman, Thakrey, Unni and Mario Miranda.

So, Keep Calm Keep cartooning.

P.S. Due to awesome public response my exhibition got extended till 29th Feb 2020.

Monday, January 6, 2020

IDC Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Today at the IDC IITB Golden Jubilee celebrations. My graphic story "Research Ramblings" was a part of the display and a copy is now available at the IDC library as well. So happy and proud that independent storytelling still counts.
Special thanks to my ex-employee and Verite editor Bharath Murthy whose vision made this anthology possible.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Verite in Loksatta

For a country where alternate comics don't find enough of an audience I was surprised to see an article covering Verite first publication with a deep review of my story "Research Ramblings".

I was so happy and surprised that that day, it was published on Aug 6, 2018.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Vérité Review

Vérité Magazine of Graphic Anthology gets another stellar international review with a special mention to my story "Research Ramblings".
Thanks to the crazy editor Bharath Murthy who keeps his best to promote alternative in Indian comics.

Read it at "Ripe Mangoes".

Friday, June 28, 2019

TV series writing for Sheikh Chilli and Friends

Post my academic stint I joined iRealities Technologies Pvt. Ltd as a creative director. My first task was tackling the writing and direction of the hit animated TV show Sheikh Chilli and Friendz. My background as a story artist came as a great advantage.
My story plots and final scripts were visual in nature which helped speed up the Storyboarding process with lesser revisions. I was also aware of the production limitations, so balancing it with entertainment and new-ness is something I did my best at.
Currently this season is airing on Discovery Kidz India.

Puppet Show

I have always had a fascination with toys and the way a child will use them to do storytelling and keep himself entertained. I am a product of the same.
Somewhere in 2009 I saw Dadi Pudumjee perform at NCPA and BOOM!! went my mind. I wanted to study it, but since I was busy with animation this dream kind of got left out. When I went into academics I nurtured my dream back to life (I was the Head of the Department at Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune). But then how to go about it?? I contacted renowned puppeteer and theater personality Meena Naik to come take a workshop at the institute where I taught and learnt a bit of the process of putting together a puppet play.
The next year I floated an elective on Puppetry and here are some of the results.

This a prayer to Lord Ganesha that we choreographed with the help of our theatre teacher Aditi, it is a complex 3 person operated puppet. It was a great joy to see my effort come to life.

We also created some short skits.

Finally I was able to turn the short skits into two good student projects.

Now that I am back in the industry I did put a pitch together to make the project into commercially sustainable production which retains the culture. Hope it goes into production soon.

Indian Institute of Cartoonists

I am an annual contributor to the IIC annual Maya Kamath Memorial Awards competition, and this year again my work is part of the display.