Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rewriting History

I had created these cartoons for a competition with the theme "Rewriting History".

I could never really make out why the Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha. My best guess that they were out of international news for too long and like any wannbe star they needed constant publiticy and attention. All the nations cried fowl but nobody acted.

On one hand we have Ben Franklin whose character is praised throughout history for his honesty and courage to face the consequences of his actions and on the other hand we have Bush who hides behind a huge army of bodyguards. Bush has a penchant for guns and I could not imagine a soldier of the champagne division to actually use an axe to chop off a tree.

Who does really know what was the true event. History is the slave of the victor and corrupts with time and tale.


I will be out of IITB in the coming semester and so I believe that these will be my last cartoons for Insight. The magazine gave me that gave me so much exposure and experience will be missed in the coming days.

PAF (Performing Arts Festival) is a big thing in IITB. 3/4 hostels come together to put together a huge play with a huge set in the open air theatre. Lately the crowds have been missing from the event. Made for the editor's request.

Staff Canteen (SC) is a place in IITB which gives good enough food at low prices and is open for a large amount of time. The problem is tea, people drink large amounts of tea and there are not enough ceramic cups thus plastic ones are used. They are generally junked around and the area around SC looks like a garbage dump.

A Few Stray Clicks!

A streetlamp near IDC. This photo is recognized by international photographers like Rishi, Sunil and Shantanu.

The main IIT road.

This is definitely not IIT.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Thinking Man

I was thinking about what Ronin's Thinking Man was thinking so intensely. Is he thinking of the questions which have no answers, or some simple everyday activities. These are some of my ideas, if you have others tell me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Current Topics

The Indian Express 18/3/08

China is one big player and Tibet is going to be the next kid to rag on. If it were not for the widespread use of cellphone cams and internet, the crackdown on FREE TIBET movement would have been muffled. CPI(M) is true communist party, if United States sneezes they scream, but for China and Russia all behaviour is excused.

The CBI is a tiger which is brought to help save the world only when all the damage is done. Those poor people just can do very little with all the political and social interference in a long dead event. Not their fault really, but it is not that there is no fault of theirs.

A few stray toons

Q: How would like your egg, Sir?
A: I would like to have mine done the.........

After the politicians the sensex is one of the best topics for cartoons. It's ups and downs have inspired several leading cartoons before me and I too follow in their steps.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A few stray clicks

Kaladarshan is the expo of art by IITB people. My works were exhibited at the same.

A tree branch outside IDC.

Sunrise at the Asiatic Library. There is a big Banyan tree there. This was during the Kalaghoda art week 08.

We had gone to a puppet workshop by Dadi Pudumjee at NCPA. This pic was clicked by Rishikesh.

Shantanu is the best comic at IDC and a real good friend. On the way from IDC to MB there is a small stone and Shantanu just could not resist the urge to improvise. I had no idea who did it but when I showed it to Rishi I guranteed that it was Shantanu's work.


These were made for the UMO contest 08 under the subject of " How Medicine has become Impersonal".
Did not win. The fellow who won had some real smart witty cartoons. No regrets not winning.

The dentist's chair malfunctions.

The future of medicine "The
Automatic Doctor".

Increasing automation will make technicians a necessity in the OP room.

The Firemen

I am using my newly acquired photoshop skills here.

The humor was well appreciated.

Multiple choice

What's cooking?

Look before you leap.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A look at life at a castle

The moat has run dry as the water bill has not been paid.


Insurance never provides what it states, and those who have been bitten by it remember quite well. An exploration of the same.

Insight - The Third Eye

An article in Insight highlighted the issue of shirking of work by students and copying results from other students expts. Dittio for papers.

Sunita Williams came to IITB post her space visit for a talk. There was a lot of excitement and the presentation lived upto it.

Indian students are increasingly being
targeted in USA. The reports of their
brutal killings are now a regular in the

Monday, March 10, 2008

Insight - The Third Eye

During my second year at IDC I started working for "Insight" the student magazine and these are some of the cartoons I made for them.

There are a lot of cows on the campus. These were made for an article on cows on campus.

There was a sever shortage of hostel rooms at the start of the academic year 08.

The concept of "Learn while you Earn" has caught the fancy of IITians, often sacrificing college and extra-curricular activities for it's sake. Plus valentine's day had just passed.