Monday, November 24, 2008

T shirt quotes

T-Shirt Quotes
1) One step cloer to nowhere.
2) I am not unemployed I’m freelancing.
3) I am proud of my 12 pac abs.
4) 6 pac abs under 6” of fat.
5) Crime pays, freelancing doesn’t.
6) Ordinary PC’s had caught up with MAC and then Window’s Vista happened.
7) Definition:-
Inflation – growing waistline
Irreversible-convex waistline.
Incorrect/Lazy-something which I am not.
Misappropriate income- when income does not keep up with expenses.
8) Never accept being lost especially driving with wife.
9) A friend in need is a stranger to me.
10) How come excess fat does not convert to muscle automatically.
11) A job gets done when you run out of excuses.
12) He who laughs last was not paying any attention.
13) My life needs to be more attractive.
14) I greet birthdays with the same enthusiasm as Garfield.
15) Birthdays are certified proof that one is older but none the wiser.
16) This was supposed to be a great quote but I forgot what it was.
17) My ego and the world have very different opinion's about myself.
18) The early bird catches the worm, the late riser gets breakfast in bed.
19) God, computers and women work in mysterious ways.
20) Not everyone has a job to be dissatisfied with.
21) Laziness is the mother of invention, necessicity is given undue credit.
22) Kanoon ke haath aur gadhe ke kaan dono he bade lambe hote hai.
23) Majority can beat you up.
24) I do a favor by just being here.
25) The journey of a thousand miles starts due to a few angry words with your wife.
26) God is great, so am I.
27) I am great, so is god.
28) The world appears better when one's head lies in her lap.
29) Don't go looking for reason in art.
30) Ever since the gay law was passed all I get are friend requests from guys on orkut.
31) Mindless work gets you paid.
32) Human resources likes to label people.
33) My boyfriend claim is under dubius status.
34) I have a headache, it's called my mother.
35) The fact that I have few friends saves me alot on phone bills.
36) Repeating the truth does not make one a wise man.
37) I don't mind you keeping the gun on my shoulder provided you don't point the barrel at my head.
38) When forwarding an sms one should at least change the name.
39) My cat used to sleep on my butt.
40) Are my thoughts copyrightable?
41) In a dangerous situation lead by example; I am gone now you can follow.
42) It's always an inconveninent time to die.
43) Romance to wahi karta hai jiske paas dene ke liye dil hota hai, paise to ladki ka baap deta hai.
44) The world should run according to my schedule.
45) It is you who cannot see the beauty beneath the blubber.
46)My life is running at full speed at the same spot.
47) Feeling lonely is not reason enough to get married.
48) UED is like LED minus the light.
49) If misery loves company whay am I so alone?
50) Consistency pays in the end, but who pays in the beginning?
52) I can live in a 1BHK apartment with an attached penthouse.
53) I don't think I can afford life.

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