Monday, July 25, 2022

S D Phadnis Tribute

Cartoonists Combine is organising a Wordless cartoon exhibition as a Tribute to the legendary cartoonist SD Phadnis on his birthday. 29 to 31 July at Balgandharva Kaladan, pune. Some of my works will be displayed too. Please drop by.
The event drew a tremendous resposnse. For 3 days we had continous visitors, even the talks and demos had a dedicated audience.
My thanks to the organising team of Cartoonists Combine who could think of such an event and put such dedicated effort to pull it off. Hat's off to you sirs. My sincere thanks to Sanjay Mistry Sir, Charuhas Pandit Sir, Yogendra Bhagat ji, the awesome caricaturist Atul Purandare Sir, Dhanajay Garad ji who puts cartoons on media platforms and the ever youthful Vishwas Suryavanshi. It is my pleasure and honor to be associated with you all.

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